At White  Bricks  Real Estate Properties, we assist our clients wanting a Visa and establish a company in the UAE. We coordinate the entire visa processing service. All non-GCC Nationals who wish to reside in the UAE require a residency visa. There are mainly two options for receiving a residency visa for business people and their family members in Dubai:

UAE Property Investor Visa


The UAE Property Investor Visa is a prestigious opportunity for investors looking to make a significant real estate investment in the country. To qualify for this visa, the property value is a key factor. The minimum property value required for eligibility typically starts at AED 1 million or approximately USD 272,000. However, this value may vary depending on the emirate or specific visa program. Investing in properties with higher values can often lead to more extended visa durations and additional privileges. It’s crucial to stay updated with the specific property value requirements associated with the UAE Property Investor Visa program you intend to pursue, as they can vary across different emirates and visa categories.


Choosing the right property location and status is a critical aspect of securing the UAE Property Investor Visa. The location of the property holds significance, with many visa programs favoring investments in designated areas or freehold zones. These areas often offer attractive investment opportunities and are more likely to meet the visa requirements. Additionally, the status of the property, whether it’s off-plan or completed, can impact visa eligibility. While both options are generally accepted, off-plan properties may require a higher initial investment or a specific payment structure. Understanding the visa program’s requirements and ensuring the chosen property’s location and status align with these criteria is essential for a successful UAE Property Investor Visa application.


Selecting the right property type is a pivotal decision when applying for the UAE Property Investor Visa. The visa programs often specify the property types that qualify, which typically include residential, commercial, and even land. Residential properties are the most commonly chosen option, ranging from apartments and villas to townhouses. Commercial properties, like offices or retail spaces, are also eligible for certain visa categories. Land investment may require specific conditions, such as development plans. Careful consideration of the property type is crucial, as it should align with both your investment goals and the requirements of the particular UAE Property Investor Visa program you intend to pursue, ensuring a smooth and successful application process.

UAE Free Zone Residence Visa

The UAE Free Zone Residence Visa offers an attractive opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals to live and work in the UAE. This visa type is linked to setting up a business within one of the many free zones in the country. It provides numerous benefits, including 100% ownership of the business, tax exemptions, and access to a thriving market. The eligibility criteria often include leasing an office space within the free zone and meeting the specific visa program’s investment requirements. This visa is highly sought after due to the business-friendly environment and the opportunity to establish a presence in the UAE, making it a prime choice for international investors and business enthusiasts.

The UAE Free Zone Residence Visa is not only a gateway to entrepreneurial success but also a pathway to enjoying a high quality of life in the Emirates. Holders of this visa can avail themselves of world-class infrastructure, healthcare, education, and a safe and vibrant environment for their families. It grants them the ability to sponsor their dependents and enjoy all the amenities the UAE has to offer. Whether you’re interested in technology, finance, trade, or other sectors, the various free zones cater to a wide range of business activities. This flexibility, coupled with the appealing lifestyle, continues to make the UAE Free Zone Residence Visa a coveted choice for those seeking a prosperous and fulfilling future.

The UAE Residence Visa Procedure

If you are considering residency in the UAE, we will:

  • Collect you from your accommodation
  • Take you for medical and finger printing
  • Process the Emirates Identity Card
  • Collect your medical results when ready
  • Return passports complete with the visa stamped.
  • Assist in the opening of UAE bank accounts for companies and clients

Once you have been approved for a visa, UAE law dictates that individuals need to reside in Dubai for one day every 180 days to maintain a tax-free residency and to keep your residency visa valid.